BUCHANY, a village, in the parish of Kilmadock, county of Perth, 2 miles (W. N. W.) from Doune; containing 113 inhabitants. This village, which is on the road from Doune to Callander, and near the picturesque burn of Annat, is inhabited by persons engaged in agricultural pursuits, or employed in the manufactories in the vicinity. The mansion of Cambus Wallace is beautifully situated on an eminence immediately above the village, commanding an extensive view of the river Teith, the town and castle of Doune, the pleasure-grounds of Blair-Drummond, and Stirling Castle. On the acclivity of the hill, are vestiges of a camp said to have been the resort of Sir William Wallace, from which circumstance the mansion derived its name; the house is surrounded with a well-wooded park, embracing great variety of scenery.

A Topographical dictionary of Scotland. . 1856.

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